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How to Use LinkedIn to Boost Your Investing

The website Linked In has revolutionized how people in the corporate world connect with each other.  HR folks love the site and I receive calls from head hunters all the time who have viewed my profile.  But can the site be used to help your real estate investing?  Definitely.

Real estate investing is all about networking.  From finding deals, renters, financing, buyers, realtors, contractors and a host of other people that can help you, the best way to find these people is to ask around.  You want to establish connections that can pay dividends later.  I have personally bought, sold and rented great deals thanks to the connections I have made in the real estate industry.  Here are some ways that can help boost your investing returns.

Put Real Estate Investing in Your Profile

Even if you are still part of ‘cubicle nation’ and are working a day job, you can still have a profile for your real estate activities.  Let people know what type of investor you are – flipper, landlord, commercial real estate etc. People are searching Linked In all the time and will find you.

While you are at it, why not search for other real estate investors?  You can use their search function to find other investors in your area, a mentor, find sources of funding, or maybe another professional to put on your team (Accountant, Lawyer, Realtor etc.).

Search Groups

When I put a search term like ‘Real Estate Investing’ into the search box for ‘groups’ I could not believe how many different real estate investing groups have been formed on Linked In.  This should really help connect with other people.

Just search on the groups and you will find many others that sound appealing.  The secret to using this is to put your name out there.  Start posting with a lot of these groups and people will start connecting with you.

Post on Other Peoples Profiles

Go out and search for other people.  Whether they are professionals in your area that can help you directly, people who could mentor you virtually, or just fun connections, start connecting with others.  It’s amazing what can happen when you put yourself out there.

Don’t just ask questions either.  Give back.  If you see someone else trying to learn the ropes in real estate investing, you might be able to help them.  Look to answer questions as much as ask them.  Even if you are not a big real estate investor yet, maybe you have some skills in terms of marketing, rehab or general human relations.  Someone can benefit from your knowledge.  People will want to help you out more if they see you are willing to help others.