How To Remember Everything About Your Properties

As I get up there in age, all the partying I did in my youth seems to be catching up to me.  Besides my keys, I find myself forgetting other, sometimes more important items about my real estate business.  When I am out at a rental unit, just driving in my car, or talking to a realtor/tenant/other investor on the phone, I often think of something important that I soon forget to note down.  Or if I do write it down, I scribble it on a little piece of scrap paper that gets lost very quickly.

I always thought how great it would be to have a central location that I could store all those little thoughts I had and then lost.  That central location would have to be accessible from anywhere (like on my smartphone, tablet, PC etc.) and would allow me to categorize or easily search for the thought when I needed it.

When I search on the web, I would like to be able to save a web page in this central location so I could refer back to it later.  Maybe there is an article on fixing something around a rental property, or a way to maximize rents in your buildings. Sure Bookmarks and Favorites in web browsers allow you to come back to web pages – but if the article is taken down, or moved to another page, it would be lost forever from your bookmark of favorite link.

Like so many needs for people today, a website comes to the rescue. Evernote provides all this service and more.  I am still finding out all the things this very useful software can do.

You can sign up for this website for free to receive 60MB of storage.  If you sign up for the Premium edition ($45/year) you will receive 1GB of storage per month.  That means you have 1GB added to your storage capacity per month.  I quickly found that the 60MB of storage was not enough to store all I wanted, and I have already saved the $45 premium fee in gas from not having to make multiple trips to Home Depot, in lockbox charges from not forgetting combinations, etc.